Ashley Ballard:S. Pennington Lyrics

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S. Pennington

This song is by Ashley Ballard.

Oh baby,
You ruined my life (la la la la la),
You've (you've),
Gotta understand,
'cause where are we gonna land.

My little Shervaun,
I never knew,
That you're surname's Pennington.

Bridge:Now I've never knew,
That you,
Have now gone,
With someone else,
Now I see,
That we are not meant to be,

Lil' Matthews:
La La La La La La,
So now you've grown,
Gotta place of you're own,
And you're in love,
You're in peace like a dove,
What'cha gonna do when he's not around,
You don't even hear a sound,
Now Lil' Matthews outta bounds,yo.

Shervaurn(now baby),
My little Shervaun (oh oh oh oh),
I never knew,
That you're surname's Pennington.

Chorus X2