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Time To Let Go

This song is by Ashley.

I dont see the smile you used to give to me
I dont see the same in your eyes
I dont know what is happening to us
I'm losing you forever so fast

It's time to let the pieces of a broken heart
There's no mending, there's no brand new start
Oh maybe why we have to face the truth
I'm losing you and theres nothing I can do

(maybe) its time to let go, a time to move on
(maybe) its time to forget what we have shared
Isn't easy for you
(I cant find my life) in getting over all the days
we used to say "I love You"

Tomorrow is the lonely day that I must face
To start and get back on my feet would be a waste
Oh how can I true live without your love
My life without you is not a life at all

(Repeat CHORUS)

There'll be many questions (many Questions)
lifted in my mind
I cant find the answers by oh by
but I know it is true, it is time to let go

(Repeat Chorus)

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