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Gimme Something Real (1973)Edit

Ashford & Simpson - Gimme Something Real

Gimme Something Real

  1. Bend Me
  2. Time
  3. Have You Ever Tried It
  4. Gimme Something Real
  5. Can You Make It Brother
  6. I'm Determined
  7. Ain't That Good Enough
  8. I Need Your Light
  9. Anywhere

I Wanna Be Selfish (1974)Edit

Ashford & Simpson - I Wanna Be Selfish

I Wanna Be Selfish

  1. Spoiled
  2. Everybody's Got to Give It Up
  3. I Wanna Be Selfish
  4. I Had a Love
  5. Main Line
  6. Ain't That Something
  7. Don't Fight It
  8. Ain't Nothin' but a Maybe
  9. Over to Where You Are
  10. Take All the Time You Need

Come as You Are (1976)Edit

Ashford & Simpson - Come as You Are

Come as You Are

  1. It'll Come, It'll Come, It'll Come
  2. One More Try
  3. Believe in Me
  4. Caretaker
  5. Somebody Told a Lie
  6. Tell It All
  7. Sell the House
  8. It Came to Me

So So Satisfied (1977)Edit

Ashford & Simpson - So So Satisfied

So So Satisfied

  1. Tried, Tested and Found True
  2. Couldn't Get Enough
  3. Maybe I Can Find It
  4. Destiny
  5. So So Satisfied
  6. Over and Over
  7. It's You
  8. If You're Lying

Send It (1977)Edit

Ashford & Simpson - Send It

Send It

  1. By Way of Love's Express
  2. Let Love Use Me
  3. Don't Cost You Nothing
  4. Send It
  5. Top of the Stairs
  6. Too Bad
  7. Bourgié Bourgié (Instrumental)
  8. I Waited Too Long

Is It Still Good to Ya (1978)Edit

Ashford & Simpson - Is It Still Good to Ya

Is It Still Good to Ya

  1. It Seems to Hang On
  2. Is It Still Good to Ya
  3. The Debt Is Settled
  4. Ain't It a Shame
  5. Get up and Do Something
  6. You Always Could
  7. Flashback
  8. As Long as It Holds You

Stay Free (1979)Edit

Ashford & Simpson - Stay Free

Stay Free

  1. Found a Cure
  2. Stay Free
  3. Dance Forever
  4. Nobody Knows
  5. Crazy
  6. Finally Got to Me
  7. Follow Your Heart

A Musical Affair (1980)Edit

Ashford & Simpson - A Musical Affair

A Musical Affair

  1. Love Don't Make It Right
  2. Rushing To
  3. I Ain't Asking for Your Love
  4. Make It to the Sky
  5. We'll Meet Again
  6. You Never Left Me Alone
  7. Get Out Your Handkerchief
  8. Happy Endings

Performance (1981)Edit

Ashford & Simpson - Performance


  1. Bourgie Bourgie (Instrumental)
  2. Nobody Knows
  3. Medley: You're All I Need/The Real Thing/Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  4. It Seems to Hang On
  5. Don't Cost You Nothing
  6. Medley: Landlord/Clouds/The Boss/Is It Still Good to You
  7. I Need Your Light
  8. Love Don't Make It Right
  9. Gimme Something Real
  10. Found a Cure
  11. It Shows in the Eyes
  12. It's the Long Run
  13. Come On, Pretty Baby

Street Opera (1982)Edit

Ashford & Simpson - Street Opera

Street Opera

  1. Love It Away
  2. Make It Work Again
  3. Mighty Mighty Love
  4. I'll Take the Whole World On
  5. Working Man
  6. Who Will They Look To
  7. Street Corner
  8. Times Will Be Good Again
  9. Working Man (Reprise)

We'd Like You to Meet... (1982)Edit

Ashford & Simpson - We'd Like You to Meet...

We'd Like You to Meet...

  1. Found a Cure
  2. Send It
  3. It Seems to Hang On
  4. Love Don't Make It Right
  5. Street Corner
  6. Get Out Your Handkerchief
  7. Don't Cost You Nothing
  8. Is It Still Good to Ya
  9. Medley: You're All I Need/The Real Thing/Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  10. The Boss

High-Rise (1983)Edit

Ashford & Simpson - High-Rise


  1. High-Rise
  2. Side Effect
  3. Experience (Love Had No Face)
  4. It's a Rush
  5. My Kinda Pick Me Up
  6. I'm Not That Tough
  7. It's Much Deeper
  8. Still Such a Thing

Solid (1984)Edit

Ashford & Simpson - Solid


  1. Solid
  2. Outta the World
  3. The Jungle
  4. Honey I Love You
  5. Babies
  6. Closest to Love
  7. Cherish Forever More
  8. Tonight We Escape (We Make Love)

Real Love (1986)Edit

Ashford & Simpson - Real Love

Real Love

  1. Count Your Blessings
  2. Real Love
  3. Nobody Walks in L.A.
  4. How Does It Fit
  5. Relations
  6. What Becomes of Love
  7. Way Ahead
  8. 10th Round

Love or Physical (1989)Edit

Ashford & Simpson - Love or Physical

Love or Physical

  1. Love or Physical
  2. I'll Be There for You
  3. Comes With the Package
  4. Til We Get It Right
  5. Something to You
  6. In Your Arms
  7. Cookies and Cake
  8. Timing

Other SongsEdit

  1. Get Out You Handkerchief

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