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​Goodbye Mary Kelly

This song is by Ashes To Embers.

Blood red dress covered (drenched) in sweat from the night
Shure shot death take a step to survive
Pressing onward
Holding the fingers of her john inside her palm
(There she was by the window in millers court)
Moving forward clenching teeth as his hand grasp around
Her throat
(There goodbye through the window there goodbye)
The / Slave
Has / Become
A precious sacrifice
To die / To die
Her name will be remembered
Many years from now
Goodbye / Goodbye
Arrest yourself
You'll stop breathing whe he strikes
Arrest yourself you'll stop breathing when he strikes
With the coldest blade
Eyes are peeled apart

Her metacarpals on the couter tops as she
Gasps for air he creeps inside her someone
Should have warned about
(Save yourself)