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Would You Attempt To Do This?

This song is by Ashes Of Phoenix.

Watching and waiting

Does anybody feel this feeling resounding and pounding behind my eyes?

Everyone's so beautiful

I've been rendered miserable by the feeling darkening my skies

Broken things and smoking wings

Angels surrounding everything

I'm caught up in this stupid game again

Spirits fly almost every night

Everything's in black and white

And I give into it everything I am

Oh! I really have to go

Even though I love you so

I hope that you will never know what I dream about

And you really don't know how I do

But here someday very soon

I'll make vocal what you couldn't figure out

I don't want anything more than the glow of your sweat-lined skin

I've worn my eye sockets sore watching you bared and writhing in my head again

I'm not ashamed to feel this way

I've dealt with it everyday for one year, five months, and change

I've felt it all

I'll improvise with hidden lies, paper cranes, and indirect eyes

But patience is the only one that I'll pull off

And I'll never confess in my life

Somewhere between black and white

I'll risk it only when I know that I can't die

And here is where I reveal my fear

It's never knowing you, my dear

Like your god never knows the answer why

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