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The Unmentionable

This song is by Ashes Of Phoenix.

I want to warn you ahead of time

I haven't thought this through, but I

Just thought you should know you destroyed my life

Back in the day, the future was so bright

The phone burned with passion every night

We swore our love would last 'til the end of time

But I won't say what I really want to tell you

Language like that is best left to rap starts

But I want to try to get this out of my mind

I think you should know just what you are

Die - get away from me

Lie - I don't want to hear your voice anymore

Why I put up with this is far beyond me

And what I think and what goes on in my mind tonight

Your view on life and love are blind

The heart and soul you stole were mine

Your stupidity and lies nearly broke my mind

And every single time I try to look you in those lying eyes

I have to hold my tongue for the millionth time

For this treason, I've nothing left to tell you

I lost the words to fight this long ago

There's no reason for me to ever want to see you

You want me back, but I will never go

I've bled for this for years

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