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Slim To None

This song is by Ashes Of Phoenix.

I've been writing this down

In notebooks and chat rooms

You know that it hurts

I've been sitting around

To tell you or not

I don't know which is worse

It's hard to understand

You want to, but you can't

It's hard to see with love blinding your eyes

I told you so you knew

But can't you see that she was you?

This is just a bit of my useless life

I know that it's time for me to die

To be killed off by some romantic, perfect guy

You say you love me and we both know that it's true

So why does the nice guy never get a chance with you?

I've been kicking myself

I fucked up the program

You know that it's true

I've been burning in hell

The pain never drains from this sadist debut

I hope you know it's not my fault

I can't control the pain at all

You're beautiful; there's nothing to be done

But I can already see the end

I'll never be more than a friend

I'll never be the one

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