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I Will Never Give An Eskimo Kiss Again

This song is by Ashes Of Phoenix.

Burn every last photograph tonight

Bury this chapter of my past tonight

It's not worth this...

Every way, every day I am left behind

Trying to let go of anything left tonight

Trying's worthless...

If I could take back loving you I would

It never felt so right; it never felt so good

But I'm wasting too much time on trying to press rewind

Leave me behind

Bind me in duct tape and cover my eyes

Tie me to a chair and leave me here to die

You were the only song that I wanted to know

Your name's the reminder and I'll never forget

The heat of your body or the glow of your cigarette

Know I'd still die with you, but my life is gone

Sinking faster in a ship that shares your name

Kicking harder, but I'm drowning in decay

Man overboard...

It's not the way that you just up and walked away

It's the absence of your presence in my today

Been here before...

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