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Broken Debt

This song is by Ashes Of Phoenix.

There is a new feeling breaking and taking over me

Life wasted shit-faced and so gone that I can't even see

So bored and so sore that I've thrown away my memories

So lost I've never found a legal way to deal with theses inconsistencies, so...

Please help me to find it

In fresh air, I'm drowning

To make it simpler to cope with all that I did to you

Broken now, broken down

We love without making sound

I'll distance my sin since I drove this into the ground

Not leaving, not breathing

I'll smoke 'til my lungs become raw

Sarcastic, can't get past it

You'll hold this grudge forever

So long

Can't face the time wasted

So twisted up inside our fate

Confusing; no use in trying to make this go away

Don't make pay from my veins

I said I'm sorry before

But you refuse me again

You threw me right out the door

You say that smoking's a sin?

This hypocritical lying, defying, denying is fine

But when you come to me crying,

Remember you said that was the last time

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