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Watch It Burn

This song is by Ashers and appears on the album Kill Your Master (2012).

Ever since the fucking dawn of time.
Colo, war, religion has taken lives
Blanket the truth, warm lies
And the bodies feed the flies
We ate the apple, is it too late?
To try and fucking change what they create
Do you relate?
I pray you hate the ones that force us to suffer
We wanna see your world destroyed
And down it crashes
Life turns to ashes

I'd tuck and run if I was ever drafted
I won't die for you and be sent home in plastic
Death for profit how can one be so greedy?
They killed Manson, yet their hands aren't dirty?
Open your eyes and watch planet our planet burn
It's time we made the fucking tables turn
Some blame the terrorist, how about our leaders?
Gyana. Waco, Heaven's Gate they all believed it

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