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​Faith Denied

This song is by Ashers and appears on the album Kill Your Master (2012).

Listen up I got something to say.
I wish you misery every fucking day.
Listen up I got something to say.
Die alone.

Well some say the streets are paved with gold, well mine's not even paved.
I've been suffering for so long, no one hears what I got to say.
You fucked your wife, rained your kids.
Come on and have a look at what ya did.
You'll die alone after a life of crime, straight to hell before you hit the ground.

And I will never forgive you
For what you done,
And I'll never forget.

Faith denied.
Actions bring forth your fate
For those who can relate.
I remember what you did.

You left your family with no regrets.
Forced to fend for themselves.
A decade of abuse. Fuck you. Die, burn in hell.

They raped me of my pride
But now I have it back.
They stole my innocence.
Now look what I have become.