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The Smirk Behind Your Smile

This song is by Asherah.

No more I suffer for I'm (?) not this time monster pull your eyes down hearfless no more torn souls from your sick twisted mind games I'm torn words like these breed torment they haunt you you lay them out for her to die I can see the sky it's burning why must this be so real why must I lie (inside?) is this your (?) hold enough to fall from the sky I'll make the rain fall so cold infe (?) o god damn (?) reverse these wounds so (?) I can hardly breathe (?) nowhere to start from no this time no how can I be (?) your love misdirection has won through it all I have (?) attack pitches me through anger breath dirt dead on (?) engage I know something I engage to your throat (?) die by a sword to your heart I know this is a blood war (?).

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