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Ice Picks And Hand Grenades

This song is by Asherah.

Hold your breath give thanks for the day I left you repaid my love with a cold knife what makes you breaks me you're all I know you've let the sun turn cold let's break some laws raise hell rape pillage turn back things you said I've got a notion I just can't describe the way you bathe in the rain the way you laugh at blood the way you kiss my lips you're unforgettable one day she'll rise and realize she's in pain realize she can go on and I know I'm nothing I'll die to see her one day she'll be something more than my whore how can I not kill her set her free now you said I should but would you do it yourself you said you won't you'll make me when you rest these wounds you'll smile inside when you rest these wounds smile anew words from your mouth haunt me no more was it the way you present her was it the way see her shall we go on.

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