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Hands That Slay Together Stay Together

This song is by Asherah.

All your dreams mean shit just fold your hands and pray I feel a strange sense of war pains me fall inside me look at those eyes look through the lies choked up by the words that you spoke you shamed me sour went the blood spilled to please you I'm bled I'm burned I'm hung erase this woke up to see you gone it pains me sure as hell I feel spite for you whore everything I touch just as broken glass every day I rid the world of your memory without a word you spit in my face whore if dead is good then I'm a very good boy woke up to leave you won't give me the chance to leave me I don't think so we're going to burn together we'll die as one slice your throat bleed you dry save your blood when you're gone please save me no I can't see this through so with this I thee wed to your soul alone die to your soul cleansing my heart with your tears this heart will be bleeding for years.

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