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Lark On My Go Cart

This song is by Asher Roth.

Sittin' on a trufitt
Puffin' on the best cut bud, tryna get but from Ms Muffet
Me and Teddy Rock-Spin stirrin' up a ruckus
Eggin' all the houses, smashin' all the pumpkins

Suck a dick butt kiss, chumps can't funk with the punk kids
Ash Roth be the king of the blumpkins
Any Tim Duncan spur off the moment
Let the whole world know I run shit

Jump ship quick, tell a friend that I'm dumb sick
Spit fungus that'll grow from a dung
Trip twist to a front flip, son now is some trick
Watch all the dumb chicks hump when I bump this

Kinda like the blonde Bob Saget, Ash can get nasty
Pass me a blunt and some Captain chillin' with an Ashley
Headin' to the mall, sittin' in the backseat gettin' jerked off
Ten feet tall with the balls of a matador

Door matted whore with your words heard that before
Poor metaphor pedicure, get your feet fixed
Walk in my shoes for a few, you gon' need it
Yeah, got your Wii fit to practice your fris with

Need a few weeks before you can compete with
Razor Ramon flow, oh so sharp
You can take a Palsky
I'ma take lark on my go-kart

Mario kart skills are outrageous
Play me any day and I'll be the best racist
Wait no erase it, meant to say racer
Traded in my cell phone for a new pager

Take off your bluetooth now dot com
I'm at the grocery store with hot moms
'Bout thirty five with at least two kids
We can make out while my friend babysits

All up in your fridge eating left over shit
Tuna sandwich, butterscotch krimpets
Cheetos be my choice of chips, I enjoy for a bit
Take a sip from my sips and then split

Roll up that J, is it rolled?
Yeah roll it up, uh

Hair like a troll doll, basketball shorts on
Yeah, I'ma dork but I'm still holdin' court, ball up, baller
Y'all take to long get dolled up
Give a fuck if I look like I just woke up

Who am I tryna impress?
Honey in the sundress with the breasts luscious
Just sent me a text, O M G you're the B E S
If you tryna have sex, I'm the best at it


Written by:

David Appleton; Oren Yoel Kleinman; Asher Paul Roth

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