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True Love Never Dies

This song is by Ashanti.

True love never dies.....
True love never dies...... x10
True love never dies......

Verse 1
We move like shadows in the street light
Only me and you
On a secret rendevous, after midnight
They try to keep us from each other
They crucify our love
Say we're not good enough
To be lovers
i want to hold u in the mornin
Chorus x2
Our love will last forever
True love
True love never dies
We'll always be together
True love
True love never dies

Verse 2
When he looks at me
My heart goes into overdrive
This true love feeling never fades
Cause true love never dies
Evil forces may have tried
Foolish people may have tried
Out of jealousy
To kill this
But you see
True love never dies

Chorus 5x

True love never dies......
True love never dies......
True love never dies......

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