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Then Ya Gone-(Includes Rap)

This song is by Ashanti.

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Well, well, well, well,
Hello baby
For one day you here and then you gone

I'm waking up to another day
It's amazing
It's getting crazy
That why I wonder how I keep escaping
Touching that pain maybe
It's just my presence
As in the strange ways
Stuck in disgrace mane
Caz if yo hood like my hood
Like my hood den you get
Fucked up
Caz the world is a ghetto world
Niggaz and gals dat locked up
So gone head get ya hustle on
And get ya struggles gone caz
One day ya here den tha next day ya gone

(1)- repeat2xs- One day you're here baby (ooh oh)
And then ya gone (the next day ya one)
One day you're her baby (ooh no)
And then you're gone-o-on (and the next day ya gone)

See everyday we complaining
About lil ups and downs
We need to be thanking the lord
That we are still around
You'll never ever know when
It is your time to go and
I know its hurting so bad to
Loose people that we love
We gotta use that example
And try to straighten up
You gotta live everyday
As if it's last one
Caz one minute ya here
And the next day ya gone

See lately I wake up in the morning
Wanting to cry
I bend my knees and
I raise my head up into the sky
Sometimes I just can't find my
Feeling I have inside-ide
See I always wished that you were here
Right by my side
I'm glad I told you I love you
So much before you died
I knew you couldn't and wouldn't
Be here for very l for very long
See one minute you here
And the next day ya gone

Repeat (1)-2xs

See what I need, for y'all to know
That living life, can come and go
You gotta face reality
I want the world to sing with me
Sometimes the world that we live in
Don't seem so fair or forgiving
See each these so hard to survive in (no no no no no)
Cause each day we see people dying
And I pray that one day we all see
That life ain't promise to you and
Life ain't promised to me
Never forget this and declare
We don't know how long we gone be here

Ooh ooh ooh
They gone
I know you know I know a lot la la laaa

Repeat (1)-2xs

Don't leave me baby
I know you know
No no no no no
Da da da daaa
No no no

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