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Ohhh Ahhh

This song is by Ashanti and appears on the album Chapter II (2003).

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1st verse
It was in the way you
Grabbed my waist looked into
My face and told me I was your only
Yours already knew that I had
Fell for you giving myself to you
I kinda want a little more see
I don't know what you did but
I like it and how it is I don't know
If its right I don't care if its wrong
I don't know if its love but I can't get enough so
Ooh oh ooh
Ya just what I need
2nd verse
I always wanna be alone with you
No matter what we do it's something
That I'm gonna love even when I am
On the phone with you I pretend I'm
Holding you, I'm fiending for you more and more
See now I know what you did
Just on kiss with your lips
See I know how I feel
What I'm feeling is real and
I need to you to know that you're
Making me go
Ooh oh ooh
Ya just what I need
Boy you got me just where I been dreaming
Fiending for your love
I have never met no one to take
Me and make me feel like you do

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