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Ohh Na Na Na Na

This song is by Ashanti.

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Oh yeah

I'm so horny baby so come on touch me baby

Ooh ooh babe

Ooh na na na na I'm so horny and I want you to f*** me
I'm tired of masterbatin got my body shakin no orgasim fakin w/ me
Ooh na na na na I'm so horny and I want you to f*** me
I hope ur ready for love 'cause I got moer than enuff
Come bust a beautiful nut upon me

Now I'm just sittin' in my langere' sippin on sum alazai tryin' to formulate all
The ways I can make you say ooh baby, right there, don't stop,
Put it in ya mouth twirl it round till ya make it pop"
Now I'm gonna make you sweat when you go down in between my legs
U gon' be fantasizing bout these lovely thighs its gon' be hypnotizing
Wont you come on and see

*Verse 2-rap

I see ur pussy lips smilin' and grinin like they want sumthin up in em'
I wanted to ask you for sum but didn't want to affend ya
But now I see you bout as freaky as me
I busted 2 nut already now you waitin for #3
You ask me wut will it take to get me hard again
I say saliva but see you ain't down for swallowin
You'd rather have it on ur skin you wanna rub it in
Move ur tongue once more like that girl I'm bout to nut again
F*** ya friends up in ur business askin why I call everyday
And why ur face is so clean just tell them oil of olay
I thought I could run a good race girl you can do miles
Lay on ya side raise up ya leg
Let me see that beautiful smile
Aww yeah imma put all in there and you relax but you ask me to pull ya hair
Then ill do it u'll scream but the nut wont last
Caus right b-4 u know it SPLASH

Ooh na na na na I'm so horny
So come 'n' touch me baby
I know that you want me
So come and bust one on me
Ooh na na na na I'm so horny
And I want you baby
Ooh na na na na
I see its nice and hard for me
Ooh na na na na
So come and skeet it on me

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