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Never Know

This song is by Ashanti.


Now here it goes..
this is why i love(love you)
this is why i care(i care)
i'll never ever leave you(you)
promise to be there...

Did you get my message
there was reply
c'mon baby answer
all i do is cry

Oh this is so wrong
how you never pick up the phone and
this is so mean,got me blowing steam
all i wanted was a lil' bit of your time cause
your always,always on my mind ,yeah

it's funny how you never do
the lil things i like to
and it's funny how you never know
the lil places i like to go

why is there a silence between us
and why did the fun go
well you never seem to know
i guess it's time for me to go.

chorus(2 times)

time to leave ,need to stop wastin' my time
time to go ,need to get you out my mind
but it makes me sick how i love you so but you'll never know
never know,never know,never know

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