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This song is by Ashanti and appears on the album Ashanti (2002).

Original video
Looking in the mirror,
I can see myself,
standing in your arms,
holding me, and kissing me, and lovin me ooooh
You jus can't get enough of me,
Now I'm on the phone,
telling you I'm all alone,
so come on over,
I'm out the shower now,
about to oil down
I can't wait 'til ya get here

Chorus (2 times):
I wanna be like those girls in the movies
to have a man, so in love it makes him drop to his knees,
she's even on his mind, while he's asleep at night
'cuz that's the feeling you've givin me

I'm almost ready to, accept the truth,
I'm in love with you and I wanna tell you,
I'm glad that you're here, (oooh)
and now we're face to face,
in the candlelight,
I'm watching you're eyes watching mine,
laying here with you, feels so good feels sooo good,
with your hand in mine,
we don't have to worry about time,
what the future brings
we can just let it be
the way you smile at me
I already see,
you don't wanna leave
so we can jus sit back, relax, and let it go naturally,

Chorus (4 times):

Yea that's the feeling Baby Baby

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