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I Know

This song is by Ashanti.

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Dear Lord, I come to you a humble man
Asking your forgiveness for all my sins I have committed throughout my
And lord, I ask of you one more thing
Have mercy on the souls of my enemies, for they not know what they
As we proceed, chapter two
Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh

I know it gets hard for us sometimes
And I know we can't stop living this life
I know it gets harde everyday
And I know we can't stop living this way

Sometimes I would say, there's got to be another way
I don't know if I wanna live my life like this for each and everyday
But now I know that I've got to stay
Even though it gets hard, I've come this far
And I can't live my life no other way

I tried to figure out if there was another path for me
'Cause all of these ups and downs and in's and out's be kinda stressin'
But I could never see myself living like no one else
Living like nothing less, it's hard to tell but damn I know this life too

Sometimes people just don't know (They don't know)
What they know and what to follow (Oh)
Even when it don't seem right (Doesn't seem right)
Give up buddy, live your life (Oh)

Ooh Ooh, Ooh
Ooh Ooh, Ooh, Ooh

Living life this way, ah hey
Yeah, all my people's, living their everyday lives
Sometimes you gonna have ups, sometimes you gonna have downs
Fight through that y'all, keep pushing
Don't ever stop pushing y'all
Don't ever stop believing, take the good with the bad
Y'know, it's gonna be aight, and I mean it!
Ha, Ashanti, IG, this message brought to you by Murder INC

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