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The Ages Game

This song is by Asha.

How the land by all manner of means
I'm bound up in you
My way of thinking is worn out
Since you've made me move
I have a dreary overdose
'Cause I don't know what I'm looking for
Under the wing of the lady gloom
I'm overtaken in the ages game rules
False ambigous words today with me
Tomorrow never knows
Stop in mean street walking by myself
I'm not in
I'm not buckling to chase your steem
It's no easy to overreach
A new page with notes in blue
I'm overtaken in the ages game rules
Take care with your steps
In love a miss is as good as a mile
Get the drop by your experience
And take the light under control
It is a dream or a need to survive
That's killing me?
It makes me feel under the wing
Of the lady gloom
So rescue me soon

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