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All The Tears From Hell

This song is by Asha.

Theocratic sickness terrestrial exile
Human desviations make you kill 'em all
Sentence and confusion crimes with no remorse
Spying out the souls of heaven
Laments with no gore
They distray your dirty blood
Due to your offence
All the tears from hell
Tears from moanful model men
All the tears from hell
Melts into a sheer spell
All the tears from hell
Build the river of disgrace
All the tears from hell
Renting all the souls' rest
Say goodbye to yesterdays
And welcome to the filth
Dreadless adversary
You're spenting of the reel
With his tail between his legs
The man washes his face
At the drop of a hat
The crossway will open its gates
Damned in contortion
Dance with maddish stress
Embracements of resignation
Sketch their defence
Hurdle race against the time
To cross out your defects
Well-behaved weeding out
And squeezing out the lifes
Praying for a helping hand
That never will come up
It's late
Now it's late to be repentant

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