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Album by Ash.
  1. Jack Names the Planets/Don't Know (original pressing only)
  2. Lose Control
  3. Goldfinger
  4. Girl from Mars
  5. I'd Give You Anything
  6. Gone the Dream
  7. Kung Fu
  8. Oh Yeah
  9. Let It Flow
  10. Innocent Smile
  11. Angel Interceptor
  12. Lost in You
  13. Darkside Lightside/Sick Party
Bonus tracks on 2008 "Collector's Edition" reissue
  1. Season
  2. Jack Names the Planets
  3. Intense Thing
  4. Uncle Pat
  5. Get Out
  6. Petrol
  7. Obscure Thing
2008 "Collector's Edition" reissue Disc 2
  1. A Clear Invitation to the Dance (Part I) (live)
  2. Darkside Lightside (live)
  3. Girl from Mars (live)
  4. Oh Yeah (live)
  5. T. Rex (live)
  6. I'd Give You Anything (live)
  7. Kung Fu (live)
  8. What Deaner Was Talking About (live)
  9. Goldfinger (live)
  10. Petrol (live)
  11. A Clear Invitation to the Dance (Part II) (live)
  12. Lose Control (live)
  13. Jack Names the Planets (live)
  14. T. Rex (live)
  15. Goldfinger (live)
  16. Angel Interceptor (live)
  17. Darkside Lightside (live)
  18. Oh Yeah (live)
  19. Innocent Smile (live)
  20. Lost in You (live)
  21. Petrol (live)
  22. Gone the Dream (live)
  23. Girl from Mars (live)
  24. Kung Fu (live)
2008 "Collector's Edition" reissue Disc 3
  1. Girl from Mars (4-track demo)
  2. Jack Names the Planets (original version)
  3. Don't Know (original version)
  4. Punk Boy
  5. Different Today
  6. Hulk Hogan Bubblebath
  7. Luther Ingo's Star Cruiser
  8. Day of the Triffids
  9. Astral Conversations with Toulouse Lautrec
  10. Cantina Band
  11. 5am Eternal
  12. Gimme Some Truth
  13. I Need Somebody
  14. Sneaker
  15. Get Ready
  16. T. Rex
  17. Everywhere Is All Around
  18. Does Your Mother Know
  19. I Only Wanna Be with You
  20. A Life Less Ordinary
  21. Sick Party
  22. The Scream

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