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The Black Wandering Of Death (Visions 1)

This song is by Asguard and appears on the album Wikka (2004).

(Music by A. Afonchenko& A. Tselobenok, lyrics by A. Afonchenko)

Return to that place, where you stayed,
Where light will flame up, where
Everything will be yours.
In these dreams, where night were
Lighter than day, where mind
Was full of unearthly thoughts

And now you must go but you promised him.

Promised to show, promised to give
Someing that he didn t know
How stars flame up, and dreams do,
How lightnings blaze up, and thoughts do.
But now you will be able to show him
How the day goes away and the night after it
And life together with it.

But he want's to understand, he could understand.
And how will you be able to answer him.
You promised, that everything will be different.
But it always doesn't turn out as you want.

You betrayed him, and he believed in you,
Whose expectation go away together with you.
He needed you. But he will not understand,
That you still with him and always will be with him.

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