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Between The Secrets

This song is by Asgaut.

How will I know
Between now and then?

The despair arise from the end

While the shadow
Covers my soul
And the darkness
Falls on us all

You grow,
And never stop

How will I know,
Who to believe?

I've seen your face
Then you followed by sleep

My soul went out
And your buried me in
This is the 'cause with game of the sins

Still growes,
Don't need to stop

While the endless time of passing days
I've left by myself
Tying to get trough your gate of mercy.

(She falls into your arms)

Leaving me in the coldest night
Searching for the melting rain
Will that bring your embrace?

My spirit crushed
I've been In hell
This is not the answer
There's no one to tell.

As the night opens I've went in
You've been trying to take me down
To wash away all the sins
To clean me with your pure blood.

In this night I saw your face
Cold as the ice
You waited all this time by yourself
Waiting for someone to take you away
It was then that I saw your face (That's when I saw your face)
Under the moonlight.

All of them went for a long time
Searching for the answers
While my soul is tortured in your arms

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