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When The Twilight Set In Again

This song is by Asgaard and appears on the album When The Twilight Set In Again (1998).

As through the mist I saw your face
Blood on the cross on the white rags
In the silence
I heard your voice
Glass of pain in the devil's land
Blow of wind in the gothic castle
Scorn of suffering close in hatred
When the time of death has go close
They sing the peons to their lords
Stars were falling deep in the darkness
With the hope for immortal life
But they will rise again
When the dusk will call the memory

The souls removed the world border beyond
Where people exist only like shadows
The meadow of nothingness which is decoration
In the moonlight
In the landscape of immortality which is
Seen with eyes of thirsty hears
The reality is sawn the dust of suffering and wait
When the twilight set in again