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​Mon Ange (Per Aspera Ad Astra)

This song is by Asgaard and appears on the album Ad Sidera, Ad Infinitum (2000).

Somewhere... in time and out of time
In love to hatred, in hatred to love
I was born
And I hung between heaven and earth, between beauty and banality, between enchantment and a culmination of life.
My sisters - stars - endow heaven with beauty twinkling seductively with their horrified eyes;
Yet they can't love so much and hate that much
With one breath of solitary lust
This one breath obscures their gleam so much unstable...
And I rise over the peaks to extol your beauty of virgin which with its grandeur sadden the prodigious angels...
I hate all that lasts only a while.
The shine of wretched stars.
In a downpour of love at Your gate of passion I stand.
You're my heart! A pearl in the
Universe of stone...
Love me forever