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Some Days

This song is by Aselin Debison and appears on the album Sweet Is The Melody (2002).

Some days I feel sad and lonely
some days I feel fine...
Some days the clock just ticks too slowly
and I wish away my time.
I wish away my time

when you come to me
I realize how wonderful my life can be.
With you... You and me.
Some days bounce like a basketball
some days make me blue.
Some days I stare out through my window
and wonder what the world will do.
I wonder what the world will do'

And when I wake at night
the darkness closes in.
My heart takes fright.
You remind me that I'm alright.

Some days I think I just fell from the sky.
Some days I have to ask the question "why?"
But everyday I try...

Some days I am virtuous,
but some days I'm just bad.
Some days I just can't get enough
of the sweetest things I ever had.
The sweetest things I ever had.

But when you telephone,
I realize that I am never really all alone
And dream that I am home, I am home,
I am home...

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