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Dylan's Song

This song is by Aselin Debison.

christmas is a special time
there's magic everywhere you go
while santa's busy making toys
tell me did you know

god he watches over me
when i turn out the light
and he flies with the angels
who help me do whats right
you know he's in my moms hands
that tuck me in so tight
when i fall asleep on christmas night

he dances on snowflakes that come down from the sky
you know he feels the tear drops
that run down from my eyes
he's the one who guides my hands
to teach me how to tie
because he knows just how hard i try

every night he lights the stars
for all the world to see
you know his arms can reach as far as ????
so when i sit up in santas chair
gods on the other knee
i cant see him but i just have to believe
we cant see him we just have to believe

today in the town of david
a savior has been born to you
he is christ the lord
this will be assigned to you
you will find a baby wrapped in clothes
and lying in a manger
suddenly a great company of heavenly hosts
appeared with the angel
praising god and saying
glory to god in the highest
and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests
thats the true meaning of christmas

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