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This song is by Ascend The Ashes.

Over time, I just wanted, breath for life

To feel the, sweetness, of loves giving touch

This is, the time of failure

This is, the time of lust

This is, the time of rain

Its time, to give up

I saw the light and knew that it was good

I touched saint's skin

And felt the ever lasting love affair

Of dancing with a deadly maiden who shouldn't even care

How I stitched my own wounds up when no one was even there

Only for me to be cut opened by a trusted hand

Only for a loved hand to tear at my stitches

And drink the blood that I thought was done spilling


To sing the sorrow song of sirens

To feel my own heart breaking down

To see the rain mix with tears in her eyes

To sing the sorrow song of sirens

The sirens, the sirens, the sirens, are drawing me to the rocks

© Copyright 2007 Franklin Howard. All rights reserved