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This song is by Ascend.

In dream I dream like Daniel
In color and intense
These dreams I dream of lions
And with alarming frequency

With teeth and nail and steely eye
They rip my flesh take me inside
Wherein there bones I now preside
Ruling the Divine

In dreams there are two eagles
With wingspan over nine feet wide
These eagles they see the lions
And with a piercing frequency

One shrieks and rakes his face and eyes
One swoops and comes 'round from behind
With his six inch talons in lion spine
They take him down but I'm still crowned
Ruling the Divine

...And now their bones are all alone
And who should come to claim the throne
But king of carrion, the crow
His darkness grows
As he
Licks the skeletons white and gleam
Ensnares my soul in shiny beak
Where in the black I now preside
Ruling the Divine