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This song is by As They Sleep and appears on the album Dynasty (2010).

I remember it all
The warmest summer seas
The magnificent gardens
Groves of flowered trees
As I sit on the ocean floor
Longing for distant shores
How did it come to this?

Why hast thou betrayed the only laws I've set in place?
My sons, how the earth will quake
The sea shall swallow us all
Why did you spit in my face?
This land is disgraced

A kingdom submerged
All we have is who we were
My love
My tormented empire

Unleash the fury
I stand beneath this darkened sky
If you only knew me
On jealousy I thrive
Unleash the fury
This swilling death of my empire
If you only knew me
This day Atlantis dies

The skies are bloody red
You had it made and now I've left you all for dead
Never question the odds
I bring the rage of the gods
I never wanted it to end

This day Atlantis dies
I command the ocean to rise
Take us all
I have spoken

Why hast thou betrayed?

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