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Faceless Change

This song is by As Sleep Came.

A love became a chore
A passion became a faint whisper
In the night while half asleep
Clouded tried to aid lost made false
Knowing encouraged it on
Yet His love remained
As open arms for a child who is now forgiven
As a door wide open to an inviting of whole heartedness
Lost in the light
Turning every which way
Finding only more enticing
Clouded asking for guidance coming from only one source
Giving a decision
Made clear to follow the heart
Confused by unknown obstacles
Cheating life into death
Eternal hope becomes lost
Falling away more because of one little voice
But more untold assumed
Clouded giving up to do alone
And received as need of aid
He accepted
Knowing results pre-visitation
Recall missing elements of glorious believing
Tears bleeding and spreading
Skin pierced with love
But still lost
The end is untold for now
Because the answer lies in the heart
For you that will break this chain away
Lays faceless until devotion

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