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Folkrafty Melo-Harvest

This song is by As Sahar and appears on the album Phenomistik (1996).

Fields of ecstasy
Serenade klassick myth
Interwoving magick
With cultivating tradition
With pledge of blossom
To the congisance of spiritualism

Semahyianic ritual
The field is enthrusted
To her guardian
In conquest of Seri Bumi

The pawanginised sprouts
That is forty four days
Biddhan's chosen soul of rice
To gain the mother - sheaf

Charmed in vociferous crescendo
To be with Prophet Tap
For the soul to rest at its place

The sign is the breeze
The sign is the swaying stalk
Chant - the recognition of Seri Bumi

The grains of our gentle Siti Mani
The hymns of seven months
Is one hymn of golden harvest


Music by:

As Sahar

Lyrics by:

One Barchiel

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