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​Fandeyian Okultika Hymnology

This song is by As Sahar and appears on the album Phenomistik (1996).

Rootings from the coastal depth of Juana
Hoisting the wizardrie name of Siprapat
That of sorcerer's transcending
Wisdom and glory

Djinnical disguise
Taken the shape of holy kiyai's
Proclaiming to lead in evil's pride

Mystical sculpture of reptility
Sanggama's cult of lust
Cernunok's cult of wealth

Adorance within
The witchified beauty

Queen of idolising graze
Iconized in knowledgedom
Of blackness

Ghaibance magick
Extreme - most witchism
Jaya Kewijayaan
Honorary in impenetrable strength
Upon guided path of Iblys
Ritualised in feast of blood

By your name Mona
You'll remain a monarch
In my eyes...

Music by:

As Sahar

Lyrics by:

One Barchiel