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Depressive Monsoon

This song is by As Sahar and appears on the album Phenomistik (1996).

As the frontal weeps,
It greeted
A fey shadow
Capturing the thrust between
The gleaming tears
And the dense patches
On the feet of sombre towers

Boding of melancholic forays
In monsoonal essence's limeline
Unexplained seizure of once
Jovial temptation
For a native fume's adjourned

Rendezvous of that desecrated
For I adore the depressive monsoon

A rapture in dismissed witticism
The sky forefront those fatal bleed
Asiatic humour of ages
Drips in quotations of a lost cause

The passion of those lunar delight
For I adore the depressive monsoon

Artistry of landscape wonders
The tools of eroding nature
A sculpture of heroism embedded
Upon the boulder
Still longing for solar's eternal set

Let it remained the sign of virtue
In millennial seepage of oriental trance
For I adore the depressive monsoon...


Music by:

As Sahar

Lyrics by:

One Barchiel

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