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Eve Ate The Apple

This song is by As Forever Fades and appears on the album Bleached (2007).

I start with a simple question, "What is Love?"
Is it a state of mind, or an emotion?
This blood soaked love letter shows I'd rather die
They will pay (throughout breakdown)
Your touch-it shows I'd rather die than live without you
I've been told this before, "Love was bliss."
Now I scrape through the ground to violence
Just then your words fell to late now lay down, too late...
Your diamond exterior won't let love in
Now I scrape through the ground to violence
My paper heart (doesn't matter now (x2))
Burn me into a form until I'm nothing at all
Your words are, "You're too late to lay down on the altar."
You've made me frail as glass (x4)
To break me, to break me in

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