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Pirate Blues

This song is by As Cities Burn and appears on the album Hell or High Water (2009).

Cody bonnette sang and played guitars and bass. aaron lunsford played drums.
Christopher lott played guitar. jon meek played organ. tyler orr sang.

Before you your mom and dad used to
Smoke in the Texas sun
They were young once too
And your mom she found Jesus
While your old man stepped out and drew up his veins

It's quiet in the house of the old
You can hear through grinding teeth
Clocks taking their toll
Time has a mind of it's own
Like our sun spinning around it won't slow for you now

Oh I wanna catch in a song
Notes I don't hear yet but I will when I'm gone

I've been pouring my heart up
Up through the floorboards but you don't live here no more

Oh you wanna catch in a lens
Color you green eyes don't see just yet

The horsemen they all blow out their torches
I can see you still shining now
But you sleep in a bed for a giant
While you wait for your love to come home
But you don't know
She's not coming back

Oh I wanna find out I'm wrong
And every road leads us home
Oh but I'll never know
'Cause I keep my eyes closed
And I only go where I've been before

Oh say you don't know if you don't

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