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Made Too Pretty

This song is by As Cities Burn and appears on the album Hell or High Water (2009).

We bear your name
You let us say
You are something that you are not
As if you were made
After we saw our own faces
And knew we were gods enough

I think we were made too pretty
We're caught up in a stare we cannot break
We know nothing changes too slowly
Someday we might come down
But who's really to say

If we are the body
How did pretty men get so ugly
How'd he get all these spaces between each limb
And if there is one thing bigger than my head
That's the distance I've been mislead

We don't want a god we don't see in ourselves
We don't see we're in need


  • Cody Bonnette sang and played guitars, bass & keys
  • Aaron Lunsford played drums
  • Christopher Lott played guitar
  • Jon Meek played keys
  • Tyler Schwindt played file cabinet percussion

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