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This song is by Artsvik.

I thought that I was fine alone
'Cause I just didn't know
That my heart was craving for
Something more
But then I met you baby
And something knocked me down
And I guess that it was love
Love, sweet love

But one day something went wrong
And I just don't know why
All our dreams turned into
The waste of time
And I'm just asking myself
Baby, why oh why
Can't we fix what's been broken, tell me why

If you really miss me baby
Keep it to yourself
There's nothing left to say
No time for looking back
Stories, scars and worries
That's what you left me baby
Let's just face it and please hurry
Let me walk away, let go me

I've been waiting for you
To change this but it
Has taken too long
So I just can't keep waiting
It is so hard for me
To have to be so strong
All I'm asking is for you
Please to let me go

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