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Part of the Crow

This song is by Arts The Beatdoctor.

BLS call me Bless
While the veins in my neck start to pop as I walk through the game of the death
But the bets hang squarely on my pain and my sweat
There's a ghost in a box, hear it banging out the deck

I've risen out the pine
Homes from the grave-moss back to the fire
Born just to blaze
Cities built from stone
Alone in the case
Tap banging on the rocks, singing songs to be sane
They eat leaves just to kiss the page
And I was born from a stitch, the same
Had the mirror, couldn't fit the frame
Here's my love through my windowpanes
Fall into view and just drift away, and just drift away

Remaining strong
Till the day that the faith is gone
That's the day I'ma face it all
I may be wrong, but today I'm just pacing on
I'm gonna make me a name in a song
Son of god
But the devil's just the same 'n' all
'Cept the difference in the ways we fought
Read the book and then I made the call
I ain't really have to think at all
Thoughts sank and I blazed and coughed
Now I wade across
The river, knee-high, ready to fall
But my brother said he'd push me along
I had a dream I never met him at all
Woke up staring at the mirror on the wall
So clear what I saw
It wasn't a mirror, it was me all along
I shed a tear for the fear that was gone
Instead I'm here and now you're hearing a song

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