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​I Objectify

This song is by Articles Of Faith and appears on the album Give Thanks (1984).

I object to what I want to see
Not feeling close outside of me
Some distant memory
Or something forgotten

I object to what I feel inside
Everyone walks around like a sign
Some kind of cheap paperback novel
You read it once and then it's discarded

Tied up like a knot with what I grew up in
Everytime I change
I stay locked up inside afraid of expression
If I treat you like dirt
It's all I'm expecting
I objectify
I objectify

Don't understand why I'm feeling this way
There's a part of me that's always betrayed
I'm certain that's often

I don't get what's been got at before
I always thought there was something more
I saw your face
That's all I remember
I know your name but it's not important

You weren't like what I saw on TV
You weren't like what I read in magazines
You weren't like what I saw in the movies
You weren't everything you were meant to be
I objectify
I objectify
I objectify