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False Security

This song is by Articles Of Faith.

Someone said the answer's at the end
Line's on the left -- it never bends
Hindsight from right -- it does me wrong
I find my comfort in the masses
And my virtue in the swarming of the burning throng

Someone said the truth lies in their eyes
You can see the facts right through their lies
And I feel so safe when I realize
No amount of clothes can save the body
When the guts are rotting out inside

All for false security (x4)

Someone said the cream rises to the top
Some know what's better and some do not
And the answer's watching from the rooftop
Nothing buys you patience like my silence
It comes grinding to a halt

All for false security (x4)

And I hear the echoes in the backroom
Were the dead are biting off their tongues
Privacy ain't private when you're lonely
And you're lonely 'cause you don't belong
And the mirror's pointing at the weather
And the change is pointing towards the storm
Oh god please save me, I'm forsaken
But at least the state will keep me warm

All for false security (x10)

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