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​Every Man For Himself

This song is by Articles Of Faith and appears on the album Give Thanks (1984).

The cracks in your face
Where the porcelain broke
Some things don't get better with age
And I swear I remember
Everyword that you spoke
And the china you left in your place

A litany of faces
I'm number one
Counting backwards from one hundred
And count on one hand
The truths that you spoke
And every lie you called romantic

Given a choice
Between you and me
You pick you and I'll pick me
I'll never forget what you said
When you left
Everyman for himself

Your new dress fits well
With a pointed smile
I hope there's no cracks at the seams
And a modest appraisal
For the things that you value
Prove that some things worth more than
Mere dreams

In my bedroom there's a wasteland
Where the story card broke
And the darkness builds up from the floor
Like walking through a mine field
With both eyes closed
At each step expecting the worst
Bought random in panic
What wasn't expecting
I don't think that pain is romantic
And at everystep fall
Till it's all a dull throb
Yeah sure - love conquers all