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This song is by Article One and appears on the album AO (2006).

So maybe what I thought were good intentions, were nothing of the kind at all, I was better off before
And doubting that I put aside convention, and bring you flowers like the last time, will it count for something more

When it feels like...
Walls, are between us
Walls, are keeping us apart
I'll find my way, and I'm gonna stay, in a place where I can see you over these walls

Assuming I'm not one who likes to gamble, when the game is played for keeps, umm, and your heart is on the table
I promise that I'll never give up easy, but the past speaks so much softer than the present ever could

So looking back I guess I see,
Who you really are and what you mean to me

True love, is heard to find,
I'll say sorry, give me time
I'll say sorry, give me time

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