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This song is by Article One and appears on the album AO (2006).

Baby, lost in the middle of a thousand dreams
When not one has become true
Baby, lost in the sea of a thousand faces
When not one has any clue

I didn't say it first, say it first, I think you did
I swear I heard it first, heard it first, from your lips... from your lips

You wanna run-----, your dreams lie shattered and twisted
Run-----, your dreams lie shattered and twisted

Baby, tell me the things that could change your mind
And I'll see what I can do
Baby, mean what you say when you tell me so,
I don't give up on you

When did this happen,
When did things fall through
I remember talking about the things that we would do
Why'd you forfeit,
All the things that you had planned
Why you laid them down I'll never understand

And it's a matter of opinion if it matters that the home team lost in the bottom of the ninth
It's not a matter of opinion and it matters that the plane went down when your dreams took flight

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