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I Forget And I Can't Tell (Ballad Of The Lights Pt. 1)

This song is by Arthur Russell.

Shining through the trees I see
Nothing but lights there
There's so many I can't tell
They're all just one light shining everywhere

I will wait long as I can
Until I find you
Yours is so bright I can't tell
My light is bright
It is unguarded too

Tried to find the center of
Your light is so bright
I forget and I can't tell
You are so bright
Your light is so bright tonight

I can't tell which light is yours
They are all so bright
All together I can't tell
Meet me tonight
Meet me in the light tonight

Many lights are out tonight
I'm waiting for yours
Many pillars I can't tell
I have a choice
Now that I am out of doors

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