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Do The Round Thing

This song is by Arthur Hinds and appears on the album Poetry of Wonder (2008).

Well I'm a working stiff, 9 to 5
Cubicle, coat and tie
I do my job, It seems to all
I'm a regular stand up guy
But I've got a secret that I
Keep where it can't be found
I dance around in my backyard
Whenever the moon is round

I cannot talk openly
About my spiritual road
When I talk to my circle mates
We use a secret code
I sit in my cube, call one up,
Let the telephone ring
I hear her voice, I say "tonight's the night, Come on
Let's do the round thing

And we'll go round and round and round and round
Calling out our Lady's name
And invoking the God with that chanting sound
Leaping the sacred flame
We'll power up, We'll raise the cone
Till the spirits join and sing
Come on... Let's do the round thing
Come on... Let's do the round thing

Well I'm off of work, on the road
And the daily interstate dance
I'm burnt and tired, sick of the grind
With coffee stains on my pants.
But I look, up in the sky
And find I'm smiling
The rising Moon seems to call Come on
Let's do the round thing

Pulling in at home, Thank the Gods
There are others here before me
The circle's swept, the torches lit
By my chosen family
The Risen moon Shining down
Paints silver every thing
So we join hands in magic work, Come on-
Let's do the round thing

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